Laptop auf dem CHERRISK Werbung zu sehen ist mit einer Kaffetasse, einer Grünpflanze und einer Wasserkaraffe daneben

CHERRISK: More than 26 million clicks only one and a half years after the product launch

There are numerous insurance providers on the market – but CHERRISK is unlike any other. The Hungarian start-up offers uncomplicated and flexible coverage via its online insurance platform – Customers can take out insurance with only a few clicks and the coverage can be cancelled at any time. In addition, CHERRISK also supports charitable organisations. CHERRISK has also been active on the German market since 2020. PIO supports the start-up and ensures that it garners attention on all digital channels through an integrated communication campaign.

Large Cherrisk poster on a railroad track with 2 people in front of it looking at the poster
Bahnhofshalle mit vielen Menschen und Werbesäulen auf denen die CHERRISK-Werbung angezeigt wird.
CHERRISK advertisement on a window of a regional train
3 Smartphone displays with the CHERRISK App on it
Laptop with the CHERRISK Website on Screen


The insurance market in Germany is highly saturated. In particular, major insurance groups dominate the market. This heightens the difficulty of positioning a new brand in this competitive field. This is precisely PIO’s task. This consisted of appealing to a young and digital-savvy target group through a large-scale marketing campaign to convince them of the insurance services.


Our work primarily focused on the area where the young, digitally savvy target group spends its time: online. Our objective: To position CHERRISK as an independent, digital insurance platform in the market and to guarantee its visibility. To this end, we provided CHERRISK with strategic advice, analysed communication channels and planned measures. In addition to our press work, we created informative and entertaining website content in 2020 and 2021 that is still being read, shared and liked. We also produced an ad for Cherrisk household insurance. With targeted influencer campaigns on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, we got people talking on social media.

In 2022, we also localised and managed a brand awareness campaign for the German-speaking market to promote the new travel and household insurance in Germany. Using funny and quirky creatives, the campaign demonstrated this in 20 different situations: Difficult moments can be made easier in various ways – but the best solution is and remains CHERRISK insurance.  For distribution, we coordinated an out-of-home campaign in the six largest German cities (primarily in airports and on public transport) and an ATV campaign throughout Germany.  


With our work, we created content that was read, seen and shared thousands of times. Our blog articles alone achieved more than 140,000 clicks in 2021. Thanks to our intensive target group analysis, we identified the right influencers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch and achieved almost 26,3 million views. Our media work was also convincing across the board. We achieved 132 publications in German media with press releases and targeted media approaches.

CHERRISK has also improved its Google ranking since the start of the collaboration. While there were only a few articles in the top 100 Google rankings at the start of the project, we were able to significantly increase these figures a year later thanks to the online magazine. The awareness campaign in 2022 achieved a total of more than 300 million impressions via billboards and creatives in airports and reached almost 60 million contacts across Germany via billboard advertising. We were also able to record over 2.4 million unique devices across Germany via the ATV measures.

More than 370 million contacts achieved the OOH measures of the awareness campaign in 2022

More then 26,3 million views generated by targeting specific groups via influencers

132 publications achieved with our media approach in German media

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