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Articles with clear added value and a sophisticated content strategy: 300% greater conversion via the eBay Kleinanzeigen magazine


Around 35 million users per month make eBay Kleinanzeigen Germany’s No. 1 online classifieds portal. In 2016, the company launched its own magazine and pioneer communications handled the editorial services for two years. The objective was to inspire readers with fresh ideas and informative content while also significantly boosting the conversion rates from the magazine to the platform.


With 45 million ads, eBay Kleinanzeigen offers a vast range of classifieds. The eBay Kleinanzeigen magazine illustrates why buying and advertising second-hand articles on the platform is so worthwhile. pioneer communications had the task of generating greater traffic via search engines (SEO) through new content and ideas. In addition, the objective was to encourage more readers to click directly from the magazine to the website (conversion).


PIO always starts from the objective. Accordingly, we developed a content strategy based around relevant topics covering buying advice combined with intelligently placed links to boost conversion. Utilising a pool of external and internal writers, we created content that offered variety, was relevant and inspired readers. Our articles offered useful tips for day-to-day life, assisted readers when deciding what to buy while also inspiring them about the opportunities offered by eBay Kleinanzeigen. As part of the process, we optimised the articles to ensure that they generate more hits via search engines with the help of long-tail keywords.


Over the course of the collaboration, pioneer communications successfully achieved an enormous increase in the number of search engine hits. As a comparison: four months after the project began, there were 243 articles ranked among Google’s top 100 and three articles ranked in the top 10. One year later, the online magazine had achieved around ten times as many Google top 100 rankings (2,668) through the use of strategic content. 169 articles ranked in the top 10. We also successfully tripled the conversion, namely the number of users who accessed the portal via a link in the magazine.

+ 300 %

In space of only one and a half years, we tripled the conversion.    

x 10

We increased the number of Google Top 100 articles 10x from 243 to 2,668.  

169 x Top-10

169 articles from the eBay Kleinanzeigen magazine rank among the Google top 10 for their specific keywords.

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