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Employer Branding

We create your strong employer brand that boosts the performance of your employees and your company. 

Successfully recruiting and retaining employees is becoming increasingly challenging. A vibrant and inspiring employer brand safeguards the future of your company. Employer branding helps you to improve the quality and quantity of the job applications you receive while also targeting your recruitment budget more effectively. Employee turnover is measurably reduced and salary becomes a less important deciding factor. 

With PIO BELOVED, we accompany your entire candidate and employee journey. Along the way, we sustainably optimise every point of contact that new and existing employees have with your employer brand.  We analyse your brand essence and your company history, carry out employee surveys and competition analyses and determine the perfect applicant types. This knowledge is the cornerstone for the effective concept and the creation of your new employer brand. It also guarantees the success of our extensive measures such as recruiting campaigns, employee events or reshaping internal communication cultures and channels. 

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