FIO Systems AG

FIO Systems AG – Brand relaunch


We are developing a new and powerful brand identity for the FIO brand, which is already well established in the real estate and finance industry. We support FIO with it is successful repositioning, with services ranging from concept development to graphical design and content creation of the brand experience at every relevant touchpoint.


Our task was to relaunch the FIO brand together with the associated product and sub-brands. The FIO brand itself has existed since 1999. The rebranding aims to boost the brand’s innovative power and external awareness together with the brand’s internal identification impact. An effective, authentic brand serves to strengthen FIO’s position in its highly competitive field. In addition, emphasising FIO’s expertise throughout the entire real estate value chain creates a powerful unique selling proposition.


Together with FIO’s team, we are creating a strong brand identity. At the same time, we are also building build the bridge between the company’s history and the future of the brand. We hold intense brand workshops to identify FIO’s mission, vision and purpose. Our content creators develop the new FIO brand story. Our brand designer, Ellen, Finn draws on the story to express the visual identity of FIO. FIO’s clear purpose forms the heart of our repositioning activities: “We enable a future in which real estate is easily accessible to everyone.” The new brand expresses that FIO is uncomplicated, reliable and forward-looking. These three brand values also define the look and feel of the new design. This is a combination of three basic geometric shapes : circle, square and circle.


FIO has changed and now utilises the design that visibly expresses this change to the world. With the successful rebranding, we have optimised the company’s visual while also refining and strengthening both the content and identification power of the brand internally and externally. The new brand purpose unites employees and customers together through a clear and powerful vision. This creates meaning and added value while also positioning the brand unequivocally within the competitive environment. The brand architecture and portfolio have been vastly simplified and harmonised to enable all of the company’s target groups and partners to immediately and effortlessly find what they need. The feedback regarding the brand relaunch has been highly positive.

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