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PIO was founded in 2007 by Benedict Rehbein and Alexander Witt in Leipzig under the name pioneer communications. We give your topics the attention they deserve and thus create long-term relationships between you and your customers. Using the right methods, we create communication measures that make a difference and move you and the world forward. We are one of the largest owner-managed communications and advertising agencies in Germany (WuV Top 50) and a member of the GWA, the association of leading German advertising agencies.

What we believe in

Self-realisation is important to us, but ego and team must be in balance. That’s why we try to create structures that enable self-organised work with clear responsibilities without losing the connection to each other. Each of us works in his or her own way, but we all contribute to the big picture. We want to create an agency environment that is good for everyone. 

We are the ones who question, get to the bottom of things and stand up for what matters. We are not afraid to say or do things for the first time. We are courageous communicators who can and want to help shape a fair, social and open society. With our art, we give people and their visions a voice, get ideas moving, solve complex challenges and always look for the even better way. Because there is one. 

We go our own way and create the greatest possible independence for PIO. We set our own standards for agency work and use agile and classic methods in the way that makes the most sense for ourselves. We have developed our own remuneration model that is easy to understand, fair, competitive and transparent for all of us. 

We take responsibility for our actions and start with ourselves when we want to change things. We take time for feedback and regularly reflect on results and ways of working, together with our clients. Our mentoring programme and our PIO Academy give us the space for professional and personal development. The people who support us in this are not assigned – we choose them ourselves.

PIO Characters

Get to know our PIOs.

Porträt von Franzi Bohne, Event Managerin bei PIO


P for Personality > Who are you?

I am the mother of a son. Besides that, I am enchanted by foreign cultures and countries by the sea. My highlight: the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan.

I for inspiration > Where can we find you in your free time?

You can usually find me doing yoga or Zumba or on the sofa with a book.

O for Office > What does your ideal office at PIO look like?

I prefer to be in my home office with thick socks under my desk. But I also like to come into the office for a chat with my colleagues.

Meet Franzi

Porträt von Ute Schirmack, Senior Consultant bei PIO


P for Personality > Who are you?

I am a fundamentally curious person. I love to talk to people and find out what makes them tick. No wonder I started my professional life as a journalist.

I for inspiration > Where can we find you in your free time?

I'm inspired by art and culture. In winter, I like to visit Berlin's museums. In the summer, I like to go out - to the well-kept gardens and castles in Potsdam and the surrounding area. Always with me: my smartphone with a small camera or the "real" big camera.

O for Office > What does your ideal office at PIO look like?

I like the versatility of my work. Nothing is ever exactly the same. Every client and every issue is different. That keeps my mind active.

Meet Ute

Porträt von Janne Thiemann, Senior Strategist bei PIO


P for Personality > Who are you?

My heart is in Italy and my head is on the North Sea. And always on the lookout for new insights into humanity, its dreams, its hatred, its visions and its love.

I for inspiration > Where can we find you in your free time?

You can find me somewhere in the beautiful west of Leipzig: playing with my children, jogging along the canal, strolling or drinking wine on the Heine.

O for Office > What does your ideal office at PIO look like?

I really like agency life and the PIOs. That's why I love sitting in our office, analysing people and spinning out new ideas and strategies over Leipzig's most excellent coffee.

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