Eine Frau nimmt beim Gewinnspiel von Kleinanzeigen Immobilien während der ImmoNight teil.

Kleinanzeigen Real Estate  

Kleinanzeigen Real Estate: More Visible Than Ever Among Real Estate Agents


Since 2017, PIO has worked with the real estate division of Kleinanzeigen to enhance their brand presence among real estate agents. Our partnership encompasses the creation of innovative event concepts, elevating the professionalism of trade fair appearances, and fostering interactive community management for Kleinanzeigen’s webinars focused on specialized subjects. Through the strategic expansion and seamless integration of various touchpoints, spanning both the digital realm and in-person interactions at trade fairs, we have significantly strengthened Kleinanzeigen’s position as a prominent player among real estate portals.



Kleinanzeigen is a true love brand in Germany, but relatively unknown in the real estate sector. PIO has been tasked with strengthening Kleinanzeigen’s B2B brand presence in the real estate industry and establishing the company as one of the leading platform providers.


Creating closeness to real estate agents is the compass of our collaboration with Kleinanzeigen Real Estate. We place the brand where real estate agents can be found: at B2B industry events. Through participation and presence at conferences with striking booth concepts, stage presentations, sponsorships, and community activation, we create a stronger connection between the brand and the target audience. We develop flexible and sustainable trade fair appearances, manage speaking opportunities at various events, and establish partnerships with key real estate industry associations for meaningful dialogue. Kleinanzeigen has become the long-term main sponsor and host of the ImmoNight evening event at the German Real Estate Congress, whose program and design were conceived by us in 2022 and 2023. For online engagement, we have created a MeetUp-series for real estate professionals. Since spring 2020, we have coordinated webinars on various topics for real estate agents, from creating property exposés to self-marketing, fostering interaction that deepens brand loyalty.


Through our events, we connect Kleinanzeigen with over 30,000 contacts annually. As a result, we have established the company as a solid presence in the landscape of real estate portals. In 2023, Kleinanzeigen surpassed the mark of over 10,000 B2B customers in the real estate category. Monthly MeetUps on real estate agent topics receive up to 500 registrations and strengthen the bond between these existing customers and the brand.        

Over 30

Events yearly

Up to 500 registrations

per MeetUp

Over 30.000

event visitors

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