Cockpit von einem Auto mit Ansicht von QNX-Software

Blackberry QNX - Storyshaping and simplification 

Blackberry QNX comes with many years of experience in security technology and evolved to a leading provider for reliable, secure and protected software platforms for mission-critical systems. QNX software supports all types of in-car electronics, just as autonomous driving, and in-car audio technology, as well as systems that should better not fail, such as in trains and airplanes. Stable and secure solutions like those from QNX are crucial in an increasingly complex world - and at the same time more and more difficult to explain. 


PIO's task was to position QNX as opinion and technology leader for the embedded industry in a broad area of expertise such as automotive, medtech and industrial solutions. We also had to explain in an understandable and concise way the advantages and the USP of QNX for C-level as well as for engineers as decision-makers in companies. 


A mix of high-level quotes, vivid images and detailed, but easy-to-read texts, coupled with the presence of QNX experts at specialists‘ forums and fairs throughout Germany made QNX visible to decision-makers and its solutions easy to understand. 

Together with customers and the QNX team, we developed several case studies on individual approaches and positioned these stories in specialist media such as 'Automobil-IT'. By simplifying the content and using infographics or diagrams, we were able to reduce complexity where business decision-makers were the addressees. This enabled us to reach both types of deciders and explain them the capabilities of QNX. All materials were available in both digital and printed form - because sales cycles tend to be long in this sector. 


We managed to considerably increase awareness for QNX in the embedded market, which was demonstrated by the numerous inquiries from specialized journalists and consumer media as well as social media interactions. Today, QNX is one of the best-known providers of embedded systems for autonomous driving. 

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