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Why do people become teachers? And why don't they? We answer these questions with authentic stories about the teaching profession, inside and outside the classroom. We inspire, excite, inform, support, network, and create real experiences, all with one goal: to get more people enthusiastic about teaching in Saxony. 

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For quite some time, the Free State of Saxony has been asking itself: Which steps do we take against the growing shortage of teachers? How do we fill more than 18,000 vacancies by 2030? Our task revolves around these questions, and our goal was and is to fire up as many people as possible about teaching in the classroom. 

Our mission is to immediately and permanently improve the image of the teaching profession as a whole and to inspire more Saxon high school graduates to become teachers. 


Our teacher recruitment campaign is clearly tailored to the needs and expectations of Gen Z in Saxony and their use of media. The idea: We serve new role models and let students and the new generation of teachers speak for themselves: about inspiring lessons and about their decision for the teaching profession. We show what the profession achieves and what makes it unique. 

Heart of the campaign is the web portal, which provides answers to the most important questions about studying, career changes and teaching careers, as well as many personal impressions from everyday school life. This is completed by authentic community management on Instagram, TikTok influencer cooperations, networking, event management, online marketing and large-scale advertising throughout Saxony. 


Since the start of the campaign, the number of website visits and page views has remained at a consistently high level. The number of followers on Instagram is also growing steadily. Well-aimed paid social ads and collaborations with influencers from Saxony contribute to increase awareness and reach of the campaign. The national press attention was very high at the start of the campaign, with a total reach of 61,325,251 people in over 30 media.  

Up to 45,000 
monthly page views of the campaign website 

Over 1,000 
followers on Instagram  

Over 60 million
in reach through press work for the campaign launch 

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