Mann vor Transport mit der Webfleet-Anwendung auf dem Tablet

Webfleet - More power for every fleet  

Webfleet is Bridgestone's globally proven business solution, specialized in fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected vehicle services. With its SaaS solution, Webfleet helps customers to increase the safety of their drivers in everyday traffic, save fuel and CO2 and successfully master the entry into e-mobility. 

Mann bedient Webfleet Programm am Computer
Mockup der Website und mobilen Version von Webfleet mit rotem Hintergrund
Frau sitzt am Tisch und bedient die Webfleet-Website
Lastkraftwagenfahrer sitzt in der Fahrerkabine und schaut auf die Webfleet-Navigation in Form eines GPS Gerätes


Telematic systems have revolutionized the transport industry – and they are constantly evolving: the next stage is networked data. New fleet management systems are becoming ever smarter. They connect vehicles, drivers and control centers, collect new data and combine these informations in completely new ways. This allows to improve the fleet and transport performance to make it more efficient.  

Webfleet is Europe's leading provider of fleet management solutions and will have been on the market for 25 years in 2024. The corporation is now part of Bridgestone, a leading global provider of sustainable mobility solutions. In this context, it is important to further develop the Webfleet brand with the aid of systematic PR and good storytelling to make it more visible through the media. 


What convinces B2B customers? A strong brand that stands for something in the industry. That's why we use Webfleet to strengthen the company's own image in the transport and logistics sector. Clear application and usage scenarios also increase confidence in the performance and quality of the product, which already bore the name "Webfleet" before 2019. The product enables the transfer to the new corporate brand. 

Since 2018, we have been bringing Webfleet to the right (branch) media and into the minds of key decision-makers. In our own and editorial articles as well as media campaigns, we address the topics and challenges of everyday business life and show up how Webfleet helps to master them. Therefor we draw on a broad portfolio of actions: market research on information behavior and challenges in the industry, classic media approaches, creation of guest and blog posts, user reports, infographics, production of user and explanatory videos (CGI) and the development and integration of the blog and YouTube channel. 


At the start of our collaboration in 2018, we were able to place Webfleet in more than 90 publications, reaching 6.1 million print and online readers. In the meantime, the annual media balance of our PR activities has grown to more than 600 clippings per year. We also produce testimonial, infotainment and HR videos and develop the company's central online channels, such as YouTube and the Webfleet blog. 

Relevant content, coordinated and spreaded strategically, plus the combination of different communication channels not only increase the reach, but also strengthen the public perception and the brand image, as well as they create proximity to decision-makers in order to obtain qualified leads. 

Testimonial, infotainment and HR videos

Over 600 publications in 2022

Total reach of over 35 million readers

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